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Annual report on the Russian cinema market. Includes Market development forecast for 2017–2021 (reviewed in September 2017)

Date of release: June 2017 (translated - August 2017)


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Study carried out by:

  • Tatiana Gorskaya, Pavel Kuzmichev, Alexander Stoev, analysts at Nevafilm Research,
  • Xenia Leontyeva, senior analyst at Nevafilm Research,
  • with the participation of Iskander Aminov, Business Russia; Sergey Bolotin, Cinema 360; Alexander Dyakov, Cinemaplex; Lev Levitsky, Kinohod.


Monitoring of the Russian cinema market development (distribution, exhibition, on-line ticket sales, cinema advertising market, cinema snack bars); main trends revealing, forecasting by 2021.

Research methodology

Analysis of freely available statistical information, moderncinemas database, and Russian press.

Information sources

the Nevafilm database of modern cinemas in Russia; Nevafilm’s own research materials; film distribution market statistical data (from Russian Film Business Today magazine, Distributors’ Bulletin, comScore, Russian Cinema Fund’s Analytics); Internet-based publicly available sources (Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Federal State Statistics Service, Ministry of Economic Development); data from Intercontinental Exchange, European Audiovisual Observatory, CNC, IHS, Business Russia, Cinema 360,, Russian Association of Communication Agencies, Kinokhod, Kinobilety.rf, Rambler-kassa; and periodicals.


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